The Applications of Line Drawing

I remember my friends and I having a friendly completion of who could draw the straightest line, during art class, without even realizing how useful it is when it comes to professional art. Line drawing is a type of art that involves the process of creating an image by drawing only straight and curved lines. This is the starting point for most beginner artists as it is one of the most basic yet effective forms of drawing.Let’s look at a few of the applications of line drawing.

Comic strips:
Most comic book artists start off their concepts by using lines to draw their characters and scenes. This allows them to finish their story and gives them enough time to add in all the details later. The very first comics started during the 1920s and all the artists back then used the line drawing technique to create the famous comic book characters that we’ve all come to know and love today.

Automobile designers:
A lot of automobile designers or car designers are asked to come up with a concept model for a new design. These designers always start drawing their concepts by just using lines and curves. This gives them an idea of what the end result is going to be, giving them the freedom to change certain things as they go along.

If you’ve ever seen an architect at work, you will always see them drawing a lot of lines on a huge sheet of paper. Since most of the buildings are just layers of blocks placed on top of each other, architects find line drawing to be one of the most useful concepts to design their buildings. It’s simple, effective and time efficient.

Cartoon artists:
Even though the entire process of drawing and animating a cartoon skit is done on computers, there are a few traditionalists who use line drawing to animate their characters and bring them to life. This is done by drawing each frame on each subsequent page and making them go through one swift motion so that it looks like the characters are moving. Line drawing saves them a lot of time without compromising the quality of the animation.

These are just a few of the most common uses of line drawing. There are a lot more places where line drawing is applied. I suggest looking into it if you’re interested as it is one of the simplest forms of drawing and very easy to learn.