green mark scheme

What are the Major Advantages of Implementing Green-Mark Scheme

Preventing the environment clean and green is an important responsibility of every citizen. To maintain the environmental standards for the construction industry, the Singapore builder’s authority introduced the green mark scheme. Every construction and building unit should follow this regulation in their design to conserve energy and use it efficiently to evaluate the performance and impact of the building. Rules and regulations of the scheme differ depending on the building size, and kinds of building whether it is retail, residential, or commercial property. They make the builders follow the sustainability standard in order to improve the climatic changes. They benefit the companies which are following this scheme from the energy usage reduction, improve the employee’s quality of work, and lowers the adverse effect on the environment.

The major advantages of implementing the scheme

  • The building will get meaningful differentiation and gets a positive effect on the real estate market.
  • Helps to reduce the consumption of water, energy, and other material resources.
  • Improve human wellbeing and health.

The eligible person to apply for this scheme is the developers, government agencies, and building owners. For construction infrastructure, building interiors or parks also require applying this to build a climatic responsive building design. They need to apply to get the green mark certification along with all the supporting documents. The expert’s team will conduct the pre-audit assessments, and review all the evidence, and documents, and at last, they conduct the site verification for the building, and when it satisfies all the requirements, they issue the certification.