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Thinking To Gift Someone Special? Flower Shop Has Got Your Point

When special occasions pop in, we all know that there is a constant need to buy and gift a gift. But what exactly is a gift? To make your understanding clear, a gift is usually anything that has some value monetary or psychological value. A gift can be anything, and it could be some cash, an antique painting, some clothes or the dried flowers Singapore from a flower shop.

Read on to find the meaning of flowers

  • Carnations

If you feel like gifting someone some carnations just because these ruffly looking flowers look pretty, think twice before sending them. A two-toned carnation gifted to someone means that you no longer can be with that person and you are done with them; on the other hand giving a yellow carnation means disdain. If still, carnations are your favourite, plan on gifting a white or a pink carnation that signifies sweetness or forgetfulness.

  • Daisies

These flowers are the most innocent and beautiful looking, and as the name suggests, they represent the same message. Daisies signify innocence. If you have done a blunder with some daises, they will help you personify your innocence and fetch you, love.

  • Lavenders

These flowers are the most beautiful looking flowers, also having an x-factor of great smell. These flowers can never let you down as their eye-catchy purple/blue tint with great scent is always welcomed by all. They represent and give the message of devotion.

  • Roses

They are considered the king of flowers. Any problem you have, a bouquet of roses gifted will get you sorted as it represents all the messages. A red rose signifies love, a white one signifies peace, a yellow rose signifies friendship, and a pink one shows affection. Roses have got you all covered forever.

Select your dried flowers Singapore from the flower shop and cake now and make your special person happy!