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Dental implants – Functions like natural teeth

When you have one missing teeth, you will suffer a lot. It will be more severe if you have many missing teeth. Fortunately, there is a solution for missing teeth, and an increasing number of people are reaping the benefits of dental implant singapore. They resemble screws or cylinder and are constructed from medical grade titanium. The main aim of this replacement is to function like natural teeth.

Once you lose a tooth, you begin to lose bone in your jaw. Over a few months, you might see your entire face change. Many would consider implant as a cosmetic procedure to have a beautiful smile. But they can be an important part of your future dental health and well-being. Even if you lose one tooth, the remaining teeth shift over the years that lead to new gaps. Another major concern is the increased risk of periodontal disease.

With the help of dental implant singapore, you could minimize the risk by giving you permanent and close to a natural solution. To have the implant treatment, you must have an adequate amount of bone and healthy gums. Before the procedure, the smokers should stop smoking for one week and also should not smoke for up to two months.

This treatment consists of three basic parts that include fixture, abutment and the dental prosthesis. In some case, people require additional surgery later received an implant. Regarding this, you can ask the dentist about the surgery that is mainly to ensure the implant remains in the place.