How to stop hiccups in Babies while feeding?

New parents can easily get stressed about a lot of things. One such thing is the onset of hiccups in babies. Some parents panic and cannot handle the situation with ease. It is stressful and rewarding to handle a newborn as the parents become confused without enough awareness. Hiccups are just involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, and there is nothing to fear. Hiccups can go away by drinking enough water. Hiccups can become a problem if it does not stop even after an hour. Hiccups will go away on their own, if not there are some other things you can try to make them go away. Hiccups are more common in infants than in adults. Studies show that the baby’s hiccup right from a mother’s womb and it gradually stops as they grow up.

The biggest dilemma of parents is can you feed a baby with hiccups? The answer is that you absolutely can. Water helps most adults to stop the onset of hiccups, likewise giving something for the baby to drink can work like a charm.

Some other ways to stop hiccups:

  • Burp the baby more often. You can do this after feeding milk, which will prevent the hiccups effectively.
  • Give small batches of milk to the baby.

  • You can bottle-feed the baby by keeping it in an upright position which supports burping.
  • You should not force the hiccup to go away. It will go on its own, or a medical professional can help with it. But do not jump to conclusions without consulting a doctor.

Hiccups are not bad, in fact, they are a type of defense mechanism of the body. Seek immediate medical help if the hiccup doesn’t stop in some hours. Bottle feeding a baby is completely all right, and this is one of the best methods to stop hiccups. So, ask doubts and queries to your doctor to make firm and right decisions.