The five amazing tips to detox from marijuana

Most people think that marijuana is not that addictive once you tried it but it is not all true. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that about 9% will be addicted to using marijuana. And for about 25 – 50% of those users that smoke it every day. Other people are asking how to detox from weed. Most of the withdrawal symptoms are not that serious. And you can compare it to those who are using cocaine or heroin which makes it harder to quit. You can use these tips to help you to become successful in detoxing from marijuana.

Why are you detoxifying?

When you find yourself unable to stop taking weed or you’re using it because you feel low and stressed. It will not matter what your reason behind it, you can write it down. And when you’re having a hard time you can think about the list that you made before.

Eat nutritious foods

Remove all the sugar and alcohol from your diet. And change it to fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. These are high fiber and water content foods such as broccoli, cucumber, and beets. It can also boost to flush all the toxins away from your body.

Taking supplements every day

The users are sometimes using Niacin to fasten the detox before they take a drug test. This is also known as Vitamin B3 which makes the toxins destroy faster by making your blood capillaries expand. It will also activate the histamines to produce. Having one tablet per day before you exercise can take a little longer.


Look for detox friends

When nobody wants to join you to quit using marijuana. You can always depend on your closest friends to help you stay motivated. Not only will it help you to totally quit but you can also have someone to talk to and enjoy while you’re doing your thing. It is better that they are giving you positive thoughts so you can focus on your goal.

 Don’t take it all on yourself

The hunger for using weed will not go away in a snap. It might surface again because of the people or environment around you. It will also influence you to use it again because you can’t handle your emotions without using weed. That is also a challenge when you are trying to quit weed. There might be emotional battles that are not easy. That is why it is better to take one step at a time to achieve your goal. Everything takes time so better take it easy on yourself and stay focused on your goal.