What to do in your first time in a spa

To choose the right treatment or massage, you have to do a previous search either on the luxury spa ubud bali  Internet page -if you have one- or in the brochures you will surely find directly at the spa. If you do not want to waste your money, it is recommended that before you get carried away by an exotic description, ask and find out what the treatment is about. It does not matter if you do a thorough questionnaire, it is preferable to know every detail and avoid bad surprises. Our tips are to get you out of doubt, so do it!

Another important factor while visiting a spa

For the first time or when we are not a very frequent client does not know the spa staff, so it is likely that some of them make you feel as if the price you paid was really worth it. And there will be others who flat out, make you feel that you threw your money in the trash.

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When booking your treatment, clarify very well the services you want, and what your package will include as food, taxes, as well as the total rate. If you have any special requests about your therapist’s gender, this will be the perfect time to let the spa staff knows. Take into account that in some establishments will allow you to choose that this is male or female, but not in others.

You are likely to be asked to fill out a form with your personal information when making your reservation. Also, you must indicate your medical condition

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